Our Mission

The mission is to create a robust, wooden construction set manufactured in the United States. American suppliers have been chosen to supply materials and by buying these products you are helping support hundreds of American jobs.

Timberworks Toys would like to thank you for your support of American entrepreneurship and manufacturing.

This is our mission and our passion.

Our Product

For generations, craftsmen have made wooden toys for children. Father and master cabinetmaker, Chris Heston, would like to welcome you to explore his remarkable line of quality American made toys at Timberworks Toys.

This new line of large timbers, widgets and wheels unlocks unlimited creative potential. Inspired by traditional wooden log sets, Timberworks Toys presents new innovations and versatility with the inclusion of wheels and widgets.

Timberworks creations are educational and fun with large-scale lines that emphasize the intrinsic value of understanding collaboration and design of bridges, log homes, multi-story buildings, cars, and unlocks your child’s imagination.

Our Story

One day, Mom made the suggestion, “Why don’t you make some log toys for our son?” Dad, being a highly skilled cabinetmaker, started to work during “father-son time” and Timberworks Toys was born! Inspired by the father-son dynamic we have made new pieces to expand the set to build bridges cars.

Timberworks Toys is now the home of American heirloom-quality wooden toys.

Share our father-son product with your child, and future generations.

Timberworks Toys would like to thank everyone that supported us, from our friends to our suppliers, in this endeavor.

Timberworks. A father’s dedication to his son.

News Stories

April 2012 – Check out Timberworks on Facebook!

2012 – Timberworks are now available through School Specialty catalog!

February 16th, 2010 – Governor Nixon came to visit Timberworks Toys to promote small business in Missouri. This highlighted the high quality craftsmanship that comes from being made in Missouri out of American supplies. The links below are to videos and reports done by the media.

KRCG Channel 13- report and video broadcast

KBIA 91.3 – radio report